The Art for Eternity series presents a mixture of art house cinema, creative documentary and live performance that  explores a variety of artistic subjects whose aesthetic and creative influence we believe will stand the test of time.

This series is a licensed event that brings cult classics and future cult classics to the big screen at the Revue Cinema usually on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

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USA | 2017 | 120 min | PG

Honoring the memory of visionary horror pioneer (and Toronto resident) George A. Romero, who died in July, with a 35mm screening of Martin, his 1978 down-beat vampire tale.

Japan | 2001 | 115 min | 14A

L. Frank Baum's classic tale comes to magisterial Technicolor life! The Wizard of Oz stars legendary Judy Garland as Dorothy, an innocent farm girl whisked out of her mundane earthbound existence into a land of pure imagination. Dorothy's journey in Oz will take her through emerald forests, yellow brick roads, and creepy castles, all with the help of some unusual but earnest song-happy friends.