Hosted by culture writer and critic Nathalie Atkinson, this ongoing series considers the crucial contributions of below-the-line craft in both popular favourites and forgotten gems from across the decades, genres and eras.

With expert introductions and special guest Q&As, the Revue explores the talents whose names may be less familiar but whose work in production design, art direction, costume and set decoration is intrinsic to the look and world of their films.

As longtime Alfred Hitchcock collaborator Robert Boyle defined it, production design is the physical environment in which the action and the meaning of a film takes place, interpreting the psychology and emotion of a screenplay and relaying that in visual form. So too the integral, at times misunderstood, role that costume plays in storytelling and bringing characters to life.

The screenings are an invitation to reconsider films from a new or different angle, the invisible work made visible.

withnail & i poster
January 11, 2018

By all the natural laws of science, chemistry and logic, the titular anti-hero of this…


’Tis the season to sleuth, drink and be merry! A murder mystery based on Dashiell…

sweetie 1989 poster

Still frames like paintings explore dysfunctional Australian suburban family life in SWEETIE, Jane Campion’s daring and beautifully strange feature film debut, a wry comedy that critic David Edelstein called “moody, frightening, savagely funny.