Toronto’s celebrated ongoing exploration of Silent Cinema – the only year-round dedicated selection of silent films in a theatrical venue. All screenings feature live musicians and are set in the fabulous silent-era Revue Cinema!

Curated by Media Archivist Alicia Fletcher. A talented cohort of musicians supported these screenings (Jeff Rapsis, Malkah Lerner, Jordan Klapman, Tania Gill, and William O’Meara). Silent Revue is sponsored by Hollywood Suite

Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth! This season, Silent Revue transports you to a circus ring, where tortured clowns, tragic trapeze artists, and menacing circus freaks entertain (and terrify).

Silent Revue is sponsored by Hollywood Suite


the unknown poster
October 29, 2017

Just in time for Halloween, we’re opening our season with one of the most notorious and terrifying films of the late silent era—THE UNKNOWN.

street angel poster
November 19, 2017

Frank Borzage’s tragic, atmospheric circus romance STREET ANGEL. A high point at the end of an era, the film stars the leading couple of silent Hollywood—Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell. Live accompaniment by Marilyn Lerner.


Silent opera: La boheme

A group of starving artists try to survive in 1830s Paris, including a seamstress and…